Woods Hole, OCEARCH Researchers Aim to Tag 20 Sharks in Month-Long Voyage

Researchers hope to tag up to 20 great white sharks for research in the next month, while Woods Hole officials plan to hold a public forum on Aug. 7.

Photo Credit: WCVB
Photo Credit: WCVB

Scientists on Cape Cod are getting ready to launch an aggressive shark-tagging expedition.

Starting Wednesday, July 31, scientists at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute are teaming up with OCEARCH for a month-long voyage to capture, tag and release 10 to 20 white sharks and collect blood and tissue samples off the coast of Cape Cod, according to WCVB

The team plans to spend 31 days at sea off Chatham looking for great white sharks, according to the report. 

Additionally, WHOI plans to host a free public forum on Wednesday, Aug. 7 in an effort to raise awareness about the white shark and gray seal populations in the waters off the Cape, according to a recent WHOI announcement

The forum, dubbed "White Sharks/Gray Seals: Chasing the Cape's Most Charismatic Predators", will feature presentations from officials of both WHOI and OCEARCH. The event is set to take place at 7 p.m. on Aug. 7 in the Redfield Auditorium at 45 Water St. in Woods Hole. 


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