Wind Turbine Mediation David and Goliath 2013

Wind Turbine Mediation David and Goliath

What options are left for the Wind Turbine Options Analysis Process in Falmouth ?  

The town has no agreements about property rights with the abutters of the turbines or any agreements based on the advice of qualified legal counsel. The residents living near the turbines lost their quality of life three years ago over noise issues. The mediators have to look at the government’s power to take private property for public purposes.

The wind industry has long known about wind turbines noise. The WTG, wind turbine generator, have direct physiological impacts like rapid heart beat, nausea and blurred vision caused by the ultra-low-frequency sound and vibrations from the turbines. The CEO of the largest wind company in the world acknowledges low frequency noise and setbacks to residential homes.

Thousands of noise complaints and lawsuits about turbine noise and vibrations have cropped up in Fairhaven, Scituate and Kingston. Our elected officials and mediators need to listen to the thousands of complaints.

The residential home owners face large legal expenses to protect their property rights. The State of Massachusetts on the other had  has a renewable energy goal of 2000 megawatts of renewable energy by 2020. The state created several semi- quasi state agencies to promote renewable energy projects within the state. These well oiled agencies provide millions of dollars in resources to site commercial wind projects. In fact one semi-quasi agency sold the Town of Falmouth a turbine.

The Falmouth home owners only want the American Dream. The right to their health and home ownership which they achieved through hard work.

The Town of Falmouth looks to the short term financial benefit of commercial wind. The State of Massachusetts has renewable energy mandates by 2020 and semi quasi state agencies whose goal is dedicated to accelerating the success of megawatt commercial wind turbines .

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Bill Carson January 09, 2013 at 02:12 PM
The public comments were related to the Wind Energy Siting Reform Act. This act was defeated . The act more or less gave very liberal rules to site commercial wind turbines. The public testimony/ comments was on previous poor attempts around the New Bedford area towns to site commercial wind turbines in residential neighborhoods. The testimony talks about siting commercial wind turbines under 900 feet from homes in Massachusetts Technology Colaborative wind reports and showed how poorly the reports were put together . The testimony points out in one 14 page report delivered to one town that the report had a mistake on every page and some pages there were up to three major mistakes . The MTC spokesman ( you know who he is) told the meeting that they paid UMass engineering students 5 thousand to build the report and it wasn't their fault . The comments warned of poor siting of commercial wind to residential homes ! My thought are these URLS and public testimony were deleted because the Vestas V82 wind turbines sited in Falmouth had been proposed in the same areas around New Bedford and the comments needed to be removed after the tradgedy and political embarrassment of the Falmouth wind turbine. The comments came from people who had already gone through a battle in 2005-2006 against placing the two Vestas V 82 turbines that went to Falmouth The comments
Bill Carson January 12, 2013 at 03:12 PM
Massachusetts study health issues with wind turbines : Brown County Board of Health , Wisconsin based on a Massachusetts wind report determines commercial wind turbines cause health problems : The Brown County Board of Health issued a resolution stating that wind turbines cause negative health effects o Studies cited by the Massachusetts Study and by Senator Lasee contain evidence that wind turbines cause negative health effects o With the PSC in possession of these studies (nearly a 12 inch stack total), they are aware that there is peer-reviewed information stating that wind turbines cause negative health effects o With Wisconsin citizens feeling negative health effects by wind turbines, PSC 128 is not compliant with state law and the PSC should promulgate an emergency rule to protect the health and safety of the citizenry. http://legis.wisconsin.gov/eupdates/sen01/Massachusetts%20Wind%20Turbine%20Health%20Impact%20Study%20Talking%20Points.pdf
Blowin Smoke January 14, 2013 at 01:30 AM
"The junk science of wind turbine syndrome" Climate Spectator, 11/9/12 http://www.climatespectator.com.au/commentary/junk-science-wind-turbine-syndrome
Bill Carson January 14, 2013 at 01:54 AM
The horse is out of the barn.The liberal news media can't ignore the complaints any longer or they'll look foolish .The tide has turned on the wind turbine bunco scheme. Negotiations are going on between the international wind turbine company that sold the turbines to Falmouth. The are working to "curtail the operation of the turbines". The Massachusetts panel that looked into the Falmouth wind turbine noise merely reviewed literature and public media sources and met only three times. Two of the members are extreme pro-wind advocates: One of them oversaw the first utility scale wind turbine and the largest wind turbine constructed in Massachusetts Another member of the board has won several awards from American Wind Association and U.S. Department of Energy. Five of the panel members “did not have any direct experience with wind turbines.” While the other members had backgrounds in epidemiology, toxicology , neurology, and sleep medicine, they had no past direct experience with wind turbines
Bill Carson January 14, 2013 at 02:52 AM
There are four court actions this week between Scituate and Dennis . How much longer before the court system gets tied up with thousands of complaints - Class action will be demanded by the courts !


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