What Business Would You Open in Falmouth?

Your imagination is the only limit, what would you open in Falmouth?

Imagine you had the tools and resources at your disposal - what business would you like to open in Falmouth?  What would work in the community?


Joni Rapp November 15, 2012 at 11:29 PM
Restaurants come and go ....not knowing what they are doing. Wrong menu, wrong atmosphere, wrong menu, wrong prices and wrong service. I would bring TWO places (maybe three) to Falmouth (and run properly). A real city BISTRO/authentic; piano background and LIMITED but excellent menu (I did this in NY and did veryb well). A breakfast lunch spot where the eggs are supreme ...and the bacon not only sizzles, but is flat and meaty. Eggs Benedict anyone? Which leads to the BEST brunch spot in town; from 11am to 3 PM (earlier is 1950's). Add some entertainment for BRUNCH! Can you hear Mr. Zammer? LOL. Or anyone else who totally understands a "need" anmd "Fill it." I did this for 15 years in NYC...and have lived in Falmouth for almost 20 years! I knnow the menu. PS: NYC style pizza is a must too (yes, I know the recipe).
patricia Gadsby November 17, 2012 at 03:52 PM
A nonprofit "Community Kitchen"along the lines of The Grange in Dartmouth, which allows food artisans and small food producers to rent certified kitchen space and create new small businesses.


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