Falmouth Police and Local Church to Host Gun Buyback Program

A group of Falmouth residents, John Wesley United Methodist Church and the Falmouth Police Department have joined together to hold a gun buyback program, to exchange unwanted guns for local grocery store gift cards.

By Andrea Carter

The effort comes in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook Elementary school shootings, which happened a month ago today. “This is a grass roots effort in response to Sandy Hook,” said Rev. Dr. David V. Calhoun of JWUMC. “A lot of people have been struggling with a sense of helplessness, wondering what can I do.”

Tiffany Van Mooy, a member at JWUMC, presented the idea for the buyback to Rev. Calhoun after reading about similar programs in other states, such as California and New Jersey. A buyback program in Yarmouth last week collected 72 guns.

Calhoun, who also serves as Chaplain to the Falmouth Police Department, garnered support from Chief of Police, Edward Dunne and from other town officials as well as his Bishop.

“We received a lot of enthusiasm at every level,” said Rev. Calhoun.

Since then many Falmouth community residents have jumped on board. “This is not a police or church function, said Van Mooy. “ It is a community event hosted by JWUMC, supported by the Falmouth Police Department, and funded by community donations.”

During the event people can drop off unwanted guns, unloaded and with the safety engaged, at JWUMC where police officers will assist in receiving, transporting, and disposing of the firearms. An inoperable, BB or pellet gun will result in a $25 gift card exchange,  $100 for a semiautomatic shotgun or rifle and $200 for an assault weapon.

Organizers offer the program as an option for Falmouth residents who need it. “I want to make clear that is this not a commentary on gun ownership,” said Rev. Calhoun. “It is simply an opportunity for people to turn in guns they don’t want.”

The buyback program will be held on Saturday February 2, 2013 from 10 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

For more information and to donate to the program visit the website at


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