Cape Cod Commission Needlessly Expands PR Staffing!

Cape Cod Commission Propaganda Staffing
Cape Cod Commission Propaganda Staffing

Cape Cod Commission Dramatically Expands Propaganda Staffing!

As evidenced by the CCC job posting link provided below, the Cape Cod Commission is presently in the process of needlessly and dramatically expanding the size of its already bloated and overpaid bureaucracy by adding two more public relations specialists with the deceptive job titles of "Special Projects Coordinator." All at taxpayer expense, this is in addition to the unnecessary publicly funded personnel they already have on staff to engage in political and organizational image enhancement targeted at the public in general as well as certain local populations like politically influential special interest groups in particular.

As a critical job requirement, any potential candidate must be prepared to employ their talents toward causing "sensitivity to political issues" according published CCC documentation with the end result of incrementally increasing Cape Cod Commission economic influence, political power, and regulatory authority over all aspects of life on Cape Cod.

Oh and finally, please take special note that Cape Cod Commission critics and opponents need not apply.


Nancy Palmer-White December 15, 2013 at 12:35 AM
...and now the CCC wants to collect and keep Cape Cod Canal bridge tolls...when will it end???
Bill Carson December 15, 2013 at 10:39 AM
Attorney General Martha Coakley could become the next Governor of Massachusetts . The Cape Cod Commission, Cape Light Compact (CLC) and CVEC, Cape & Vineyard Electric Cooperative have lost faith in public trust over funding and public disclosure to the public. It's time to clean house. These agencies are voting within themselves that investigations aren't needed ? If Martha Coakley wants to be the Governor it's about time she starts doing her job and stop taking care of Democratic insiders . Everyone knows what is going on and even the newspapers are afraid to speak up . Time to stop the money pouring out the back door of these agencies that have cost the public rather than save


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