Costly Windstorm Forecast for FY15 Town Budget

January should prove an interesting start to the new year when Falmouth’s Town Manager presents the Finance Committee with the proposed budget for the next fiscal year.  It’s well known that FY14 is the last fiscal year wind energy receipts support the curtailed operating expenses of the town turbines.  Will the budget proposal in this year’s presentation include a $200,000 + subsidy from the ‘general fund’ to cover the cost of limited (and court ordered) operations of the turbines?  I believe Mr. Suso was recorded in Barnstable Superior Court to have stated that a wind project obligation installment of $269,000 will be due July 1, 2014.   As the country approaches another balancing act and another “Fiscal Cliff,” town staff will likely have to bust out their soft shoes and walk the high-wire in front of a community with many serious questions about ‘how we got into such financial ruin after so many state promises of certain success.”

Bill Carson December 30, 2013 at 03:36 PM
Public education is the key to these wind turbine issues. The residents of Falmouth were never told about the power usage of these commercial wind turbines. The wind turbine itself is a giant 70 ton power plant with step up and step down transformers and power inverters. The turbine has electronics, pumps, heating and cooling. The turbine needs this power when the wind is not blowing and when the turbine is shut down 12 hours a day. Here's what the town has never told anyone : Commercial wind turbines use 25 to 30 percent of the output of the turbine just to operate the turbine during normal weather operations. The turbines being shut down 12 hours a day is increasing the use of commercial power from the local utility company NSTAR . Not only is the turbines not producing power 12 hours a day but the commercial electric bill to keep the power plant inside the turbine has got be near 50 percent of the total output as long as the turbines are shut down 12 hours a day. I believe the Falmouth Select Board & the Town Manager are unaware as well as the citizens just how expensive this fiasco has become. The public needs to be educated about how the town has gotten itself 12.5 million dollars in debt and now is facing a minimum of $140,000.00 per year in operating costs that don't include the commercial electric bill 12 hours a day plus the debt service . How much longer (pardon the pun) can you keep the residents eating mushrooms in the dark ?
Bill Carson December 30, 2013 at 06:05 PM
Step #1 -Admit You Got Taken : How much power do wind turbines use of their own ? ; Minimum 20 percent. The proponents to commercial wind don't want you to hear the dirty little secrets. It's important that residents understand the turbine itself uses its own power to operate and commercial outside power just like a house or business when its not operating . The wind turbines in Falmouth were proposed in Mattapoisett, Marion and Rochester Massachusetts prior to Falmouth. The Tri Town area decided the turbines were not economically feasible for this reason alone. The Falmouth residents were never told of the attempt to build wind turbines in the Tri Town area . In fact the wind turbine fatal flaw study about wind turbine noise for Falmouth had sections deleted because Mattapoisett residents had questioned the two types of noise in the reports. The Falmouth study made no mention of the two types of noise A . Regulatory & B. Human Annoyance. The residents of the Tri Towns -Mattapoisett, Rochester and Marion were concerned about the noise and the Tri Town Select Boards were concerned about the outside commercial operating costs - So why did Falmouth go forward ? Because they were bribed with 1 million in advanced renewable energy credits and millions in stimulus funds . And even after all the free money the residents don't get they were taken by the wind turbine bunco scheme. You got a deal on a color TV and when you opened the box it was an old black and white TV. Sooner or later people are going to realize they have been taken by their local politicians in the wind turbine scam . http://oilprice.com/Alternative-Energy/Wind-Power/How-Much-Power-Do-Wind-Turbines-Use.html


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