Falmouth Water

We do not claim to be experts or certified on the Falmouth water situation, so we researched the question of haloacetic acid and this is what we can offer:


Granulated activated carbon is a common available treatment that is very cost effective.

A primary question for the Falmouth BOH is do you want the entire school(s) filtered, or just certain water fountains and faucets?

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Frank Haggerty July 09, 2014 at 05:12 PM
Falmouth Massachusetts is a town which has had water quality issues for tens of years. The Town of Falmouth chose to follow the Massachusetts renewable energy policy and buy almost ten million dollars worth of commercial wind turbines rather than address the water problems. Priorities gone wrong ? You bet. The town put the cart before the horse. In placing the wind turbines the community has been fractured by the poor placement of commercial wind turbines making people lose sleep and creating health problems. Falmouth officials were concerned with reducing carbon in the atmosphere with wind turbines and meanwhile they still have a minority of residents who can't or should not drink their own water. The Town of Falmouth had its priorities and voted for the representatives that they thought would do the best job representing their health & saftey. The turbines have been shut down 12 hours a day by the Massachusetts Supreme Court over health issues. Falmouth now faces water problems again and is warning pregnant women to be careful using the water. The water contains two byproducts trihalomethanes and haloacetic acids. Falmouth residents and Falmouth Town Meeting Members need to wake up and ask how the Town of Falmouth has lost its priorities. The town has placed finances above the health and safety of the people they represent.


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