Falmouth Wind Turbine Bunco Scheme

Renewable Energy Wind Turbine Failures Millions   In Massachusetts & Rhode Island every month all of us including business electric rate users pay a portion of our electric bill to renewable energy programs within the states. The tax on your electric bill is the renewable energy tax included in your entire monthly electric bill. The tax goes to your state renewable energy program. It's your money.   The states semi quasi agencies today have grown into monsters with no direct control from state legislation.The employees today at these agencies all are in the six figure range. Commercial wind takes the bulk of funding from the fund. One example is the New Bedford Marine Commerce Terminal in New Bedford. The Massachusetts semi quasi state agency is building a 100 million dollar ocean wind turbine port for ocean wind turbine contractors. There was no vote by the public or the state legislature yet tax money from our electric bills is paying for the project. There is no oversight of these projects. A wind turbine contractor today building a three million dollar wind turbine gets one million from the state agency the first day they stick a shovel in the ground. They recoup 1/3 of their investment the first day of the project and usually have the project financed 100 percent resulting in a 33 1/3 percent profit the first day.   Most of the 2009 installations of commercial wind have fallen on their faces since 2009. Otis Air Base, Cape Cod a 2009 Furhlander gear box failure, Princeton, Ma. another gear box failure resulting in the town paying the highest electric rates in the country, Portsmouth ,Rhode Island High School turbine gear box still broken after two years. Fairhaven, Scituate and Falmouth health problems, sleep & shadow flicker millions wasted. The news media continues to hide the dirty little secrets of the wind industry. This asks the question : Are the corporations that own the wind turbine companies and the news media one in the same ?   Folks we are all paying for ongoing economic fiascos with commercial wind in Massachusetts & Rhode Island. The public has been taken in a bunco scheme of enormous consequence. And people who value intellectual honesty should not quietly be fleeced by such mendacity, even from their government.


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