Federal Judical Needed On Wind Turbines

Investigation Needed Federal Agencies
Investigation Needed Federal Agencies

Demand Federal Action On Wind Turbine

Judicial Revue Is Warranted

To see how bad political corruption in this state is, look no further than the Massachusetts Democrat Party Platform and their so called war on fossil fuels. The war has a tremendous collateral damage of residential home owners health and constitutional rights. The commercial megawatt wind turbine policy is a health and economic financial fiasco.

A former Massachusetts House speaker recently was sentenced  to eight years in federal prison on corruption charges. The same house speaker is considered the architect of the Green Communities Act. An act that has helped place commercial wind turbines in back yards.   

The Massachusetts Attorney General needs to start judicial review and oversight of the commercial wind policies in Massachusetts. It's time to see if officials are betraying our trust and need to be reported to the FBI. It may be time for federal officials to take out front page ads looking for crooked officials.

Thousands of noise complaints have been made and your legislators have done nothing to address this issue of poor commercial wind turbine siting. The Massachusetts House speaker went to jail.

Today we should demand a state-wide grand jury.We need to crack down on public officials betraying the public trust.

Residents have been complaining of commercial wind turbine noise for four years. The defenses of inaction  as widespread as corruption itself.


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