July 4th

This morning upon waking my wife announces "Happy 4th of July" which got me thinking, unfortunately about the chaos and freedom taking the Falmouth wind turbines have had on our lives over the past four plus years.  To me it is a tremendously sad feeling that my own Town and State government does not care and refuses to correct the fact that our our rights and freedom to use and enjoy our own property and home has been taken from us by their extremely poor siting of industrial wind turbines TOO CLOSE to citizen's property.  Being a veteran perhaps compounds my ill feelings as I fought for these freedoms that I am denied.
Frank Haggerty July 05, 2014 at 12:08 PM
Wind turbines are hurting people and taking residential property rights. Politicians in the November elections are going to face embarrassing exposure of their deep involvement with the wind turbine industry. The governor and state legislature have failed clear oversight at the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center. Massachusetts is faced with one of the largest political corruption trials at the Massachusetts Probation Department that extends all the way to Massachusetts state judges. Falmouth along with at least twenty other communities are suffering from the poor placement of commercial wind turbines as a result of the so called war on fossil fuels. Governor Patrick and the executive branch of government have turned community against community and citizen against citizen. The Attorney General Martha Coakley has ignored the rights of wind turbine victims and has herself helped create a second class group of citizens by failing to act. Attorney General Martha Coakley is the chief lawyer and law enforcement officer of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. In her bid to become the Governor of Massachusetts she continues to fail at her job as Attorney General and instead following the party "Agenda." Written complaints have been made describing the wind turbine noise as torture. Attorney General Martha Coakley and prosecutors must effectively use the laws they have. If they ignore the laws in favor of the state "Agenda" of Governor Patrick and the executive branch of government they are just as guilty as the corrupt politicians like former Speaker of the House Sal DiMasi who is serving an 8 year term in federal prison for corruption. Sal DiMasi wrote the Green Communities Act and Governor Patrick signed it in 2008. GUILTY


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