Koch Bros. Still Trying to Break Wind

The Koch Brothers Are Still Trying to Break Wind

Huffington Post 12/19/13
"As Congress dithers for the umpteenth time over extending a key subsidy for wind energy, the industry once again is up in the air. Called the production tax credit (PTC), the subsidy helps level the playing field between wind and fossil fuels and has proven to be critical for financing new projects, helping to make wind one of the fastest growing electricity sources in the country. Given the planet needs to transition as quickly as possible away from coal and natural gas to carbon-free energy to avoid the worst consequences of climate change, who would be against renewing wind's tax credit?

The Koch brothers, that's who.

Charles G. and David H. Koch -- the billionaire owners of the coal, oil and gas Koch Industries conglomerate -- have enlisted their extensive network of think tanks, advocacy groups and friends on Capitol Hill to spearhead a campaign to pull the plug on the PTC. Never mind the fact that the oil and gas industry has averaged four times what the wind tax credit is worth in federal tax breaks and subsidies annually for the last 95 years." 

Read the full story, by Elliott Negin, director of news and commentary at the Union of Concerned Scientists. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/elliott-negin/the-koch-brothers-are-sti_b_4396033.html

Bill Carson December 29, 2013 at 09:37 PM
Massachusetts is building an ocean wind turbine port in New Bedford at taxpayers expense. Jan 7 2014 the Mass Clean Energy Center is going to announce some news about the increase in price of the project. If you thought Evergreen Solar was a waste of 100 million wait to see what the ocean wind port is going to cost The South Terminal ocean wind project started as a 35 million dollar project announced by Gov Patrick on October 20,2010. The project quickly jumped to a 100 million dollar project during 2013. State projects have a history of morphing into 6 to 7 times the original price. One example was the Big Dig in Boston. There is no reason to believe the New Bedford Marine Commerce Terminal won't jump in price. Many believe the announcement will be made Jan 7 at a local meeting on the progress of the ocean wind turbine port. There is an area of the South Terminal port construction called the Standard Times Field where an old mill, underground tanks as large as 150,000 gallons may be located . A local environmental group has brought attention to PCBs in the water around the South Terminal . The water at one time was described as the most toxic water in the world. The question now for Massachusetts officials is they claim the ocean wind turbine port will help clean the environment of fossil fuel and carbon but are leaving a toxic mess buried at the South Terminal along with high concentrations of PCBs in the water. These renewable energy projects in Massachusetts are also a lot to do with creating jobs so why not clean up the toxins at the South Terminal project ? The project has a time line and a budget is this why the toxins are being overlooked ? Why doesn't the news media present the negatives in these commercial wind projects ? Is the ocean wind project under bid ? Do they need more money ? What happened to the old mill and underground tanks ? What about the PCBs in the South Terminal ? Did the New Bedford Standard Times own some of the ocean wind port property at one time ? Marine contractors do what they do and " if " the offshore market does not develop who is paying for the New Bedford Marine Commerce Terminal ??
Bill Carson December 29, 2013 at 11:00 PM
Governor Patrick : Ship of Fools -The "91 Million Dollar Barge To No Where" Cape Wind. How much longer will people let the executive office of the state of Massachusetts let wind turbine contractors run the state ? This is representative government for sale ! How many people ever understood Gov Patrick was going to build a 91 million dollar ocean barge just for Cape Wind - It's gone way too far http://bostonherald.com/news_opinion/opinion/editorials/2010/10/patrick%E2%80%99s_ship_fools


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