Looking For Corrupt Wind Turbine Politicians

Corrupt Public  Wind Turbine Officials
Corrupt Public Wind Turbine Officials
LOOKING FOR CORRUPT POLITICIANS TODAY _WIND TURBINES    1. ) On Oct 18, 2008 former convicted ex House Speaker Salvatore F. DiMasi (D) Democrat, met with wind turbine contractors on Beacon Hill .A month later the ex house speaker slipped an amendment into legislation that the House of Representatives was unaware of. The amendment was to help wind turbine contractors build wind turbines. The ex speaker is doing 8 years in federal jail and has throat and tongue cancer. The ex speaker was the architect of the Green Communities Act. It is only fitting that a Massachusetts politician who brought so much pain and suffering on the residents of Falmouth sits in jail today with his throat and tongue rotting away from cancer  2.) During the corruption trial of the ex house speaker Sal Dimasi it was revealed the fake name Gov Patrick (D) Democrat, used in emails. The governor admitted using the fake email "Sally Reynolds." The contents of those emails have never been revealed and many believe the name was used to avoid the Freedom of Information Act. The Falmouth wind turbine victims continue to suffer. 3.) During 2009 Attorney General Martha Coakley’s Office obtained a consent judgment against former ex state representative Mark Howland (D) Democrat , of East Freetown and his company WindTech-Co.Under the agreement, which was filed in Fall River Superior Court, Howland will have one year to repay $488,000 in restitution. If he fails to make that payment within one year Howland will be responsible for a payment of $638,000. As of today 2/15/2014 Attorney General Martha Coakley (D ) Democrat, has done nothing to help the minority of residents in Falmouth suffering from the affects of wind turbine noise for four years. AG Martha Coakley is running for Governor of Massachusetts  4.) Both ex house speaker Sal Dimasi & former state rep Mark Howland both owned property in Hawaii. The Massachusetts Democratic Party Platform calls for an all out war on fossil fuels. The war is causing the collateral damage of the health of the residents of Massachusetts. How many of you own vacation homes in Hawaii ?
Frank Haggerty March 16, 2014 at 12:33 PM
You can help turn in corrupt public officials in Massachusetts. The citizens of Massachusetts are going to have to take out public advertising to help bring attention to corruption in Massachusetts. You can help by making a call .It's your money. Carmen M. Ortiz the United States Attorney for the District of Massachusetts John Joseph Moakley United States Federal Courthouse 1 Courthouse Way, Suite 9200 Boston, MA 02210 Main Phone: (617) 748-3100


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