Mass CEC Guilty Poor Wind Turbine Siting

If You Live Here You Can't Sleep Falmouth
If You Live Here You Can't Sleep Falmouth
The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center was formerly known as the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative. The MTC or what is called the Mass CEC today is the state semi quasi state agency that provided the wind studies to Falmouth and sold the town the commercial wind turbine known as Wind 1    The state agency has admitted it installed commercial wind turbines in the past on an "Ad Hoc' basis. The Mass Clean Energy Center today recommends setbacks of up to 2000 feet from residential homes and probably more in 2014. The reason for the setback change was thousands of noise complaints and public outrage over the poor placement of the turbines.   The Mass Clean Energy Center and the poor siting of commercial wind turbines in Massachusetts is one of the major problems that have caused thousands of noise complaints and the Massachusetts Superior Court finding the turbines are a nuisance. The Mass CEC is trying to cover their backs as the wind turbine issues continue to split local towns and neighbors apart. Most abutters consider the noise torture   The Mass Clean Energy Center says wind turbines don't effect property values; Tell it to G. Bourne Knowles. Please share this video wit those who say property values aren't impacted   http://vimeo.com/user8792371/review/73989328/e96c5fdcb3
Bill Carson January 10, 2014 at 12:05 PM
No one should be afraid of the Mass CEC formerly known as the MTC, Massachusetts Technology Collaborative. This agency in the past has produced contradictory wind turbine studies to place commercial wind turbines in the cities and towns in Massachusetts. Many of the studies only contain positive information and simply leave out or abbreviate negative information. The semi quasi state agency has produced a report that commercial wind turbines do not effect house and home sales. The reason the Town of Falmouth has health and economic issues with the turbines is because of the state agency. Falmouth is ground zero for the poor placement of commercial wind in the United States


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