Predators vs Wind Turbine Victims

Falmouth Wind Turbine Predator
Falmouth Wind Turbine Predator
Falmouth Predators vs Wind Turbine Victims   Massachusetts has a renewable energy goal of 2000 megawatts of renewable energy by the year 2020.   In Massachusetts a  typical commercial wind turbine scenario goes something like this:  A commercial megawatt turbine is built. Local residents are shocked by the noise they were assured they would not hear. They complain believing there must be a mistake or fault with the turbines. The local Select Board does not investigate directly. Instead they ask the state to check for compliance with the conditions laid down when the wind turbine was approved. This takes one to two years. The town can reduce the noise output using various control mechanisms such as shutting off the turbines 12 hours at night. The town demonstrates compliance with the imposed conditions even though the horrendous noise continues. After three years many complainants have not given up, depressed about lack of sleep they are not alone fighting a giant with apparently unlimited resources. This is one monster that can be beaten. The Select Board now understands  it lacks the financial resources to fight the home owners so they tell the complainants that the wind turbine is not a nuisance. The Zoning Board of Appeals and the Massachusetts Superior Court complies with the original residential abutters noise assessment it is a nuisance. The local residents are still  left to suffer.   Why is nobody listening to their distraught voices? The answer is simple.  The United States and Massachusetts have determined mitigation fees for killing Roseate Terns in Nantucket Sound. At some time in the near future residents living around the wind turbines will have much shorter life spans than other residents in the same towns. Falmouth will have to come with some type of mitigation fees for the increase in residential mortality. It's clear now that the residential home owners around these turbines are in the same category as bird ,bats and now Eagles. What is a human life worth ?   Falmouth, Massachusetts is ground zero for poorly built commercial megawatt turbines. Falmouth Massachusetts has a population around 32,000 .Wind turbine victims number around 200 residential homes. Folks this is the 32,000 predators vs the 200 residential homes in the wind turbine zone. Falmouth is looking to "mitigate" the home owners who are the original stakeholders of the residential properties. The government is looking at these residents as disposable residents just like a bird or a bat in order to reach the renewable energy goal by the year 2020.
Bill Carson December 29, 2013 at 08:34 PM
No one is installing commercial wind turbines because they love green energy or they love their country, it’s the false hope of money. Falmouth has littered a section of town with commercial wind turbines next to 200 residential homes. Did you ever wonder why private residential landowners in other parts of the country signed releases next to commercial wind turbine projects and not in Falmouth ? The Town of Falmouth has allowed its schools,town and places of worship to disgrace the residents in this economic fiasco. Making money has become more important than the health of their own children. The Town of Falmouth has pathologically over the past three years denied the individual constitutional rights of the wind turbine victims.


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