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Town Council Duffy Admits Victim Hurt by Turbines

Who is giving the marching orders to Falmouth Town Counsel Frank Duffy ? The Falmouth Town Council has said the turbines are hurting people. The Town Council speaks as the legal spokesperson for Falmouth. The Town Council acts in the best interest of the town. The announcement was made at the Zoning Board of Appeals hearing. The town needs to take action now. It's an admission of guilt .The town is guilty. Read what the Town Council said at the ZBA meeting to a jury trial . What do you think the verdict would be ? Three guesses. GUILTY   Falmouth Massachusetts Zoning Board of Appeals; Falmouth Town Council admitted on December 6, 2013 in oral testimony that the commercial wind turbines have hurt Falmouth residents.   Falmouth Town Counsel Frank K. Duffy admited Barry Funfar suffered from wind turbines   Here is the exact quote : "Town Counsel Frank K. Duffy Jr. did not doubt that Mr. Funfar suffered"   Town Attorney Frank Duffy made an oral agreement in November 7, 2013 to shut down the Falmouth wind turbines 12 hours a day. Superior Court Judge told Falmouth Town Counsel, Frank Duffy, that he was very disappointed that the Town of Falmouth hadn’t abided by the November 7th agreement with Neil Andersen to run the wind turbines from 7 AM to 7 PM.     http://www.capenews.net/falmouth/falmouth_zba_rules_wind_turbines_are_nuisance_at_ridgeview_avenue_home


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