US DOJ -Wind Turbine Complaint

US Dept of Justice
US Dept of Justice
The ongoing siting or placement of commercial wind turbines has and continues to take constitutional residential property rights from the citizens of Massachusetts. Attorney General Martha Coakley is well aware of the situation through emails, tweets, facebook and news media announcements about the ongoing torturous nuisance. It's been four years in which state and local officials have ignored thousands of residential complaints.   Massachusetts has created a group of second class citizens taking residential property rights from a select groups of residents around commercial wind turbines with no compensation. The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center and the Department of Environmental Protection have failed to protect the citizens around the turbines .   The United States Department of Justice needs to get involved. These residents have lost their rights and the State of Massachusetts has done nothing to restore them and continues to ignore those complaints.   http://www.justice.gov/usao/ma/contact.html   The US District Attorney Telephone number is : Boston Main Phone: (617) 748-3100   The US attorney office has a public corruption and special prosecutions office that handles public corruption and civil rights prosecutions  


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