Way Off Target

New State Study (Wind Turbines & Property Values) takes shot -- Then paints 'bullseye' around missed mark
Bill Carson January 12, 2014 at 10:33 AM
TIME FOR FEDERAL GRAND JURY The Town of Falmouth was notified in May of 2012 by the state that the turbines are not in compliance with state noise standards. It's clear state and local officials refuse to address the issues around the turbines and the Town of Falmouth continues to go back to the Massachusetts State Supreme Court judge shopping for the "right" judge. All Massachusetts residents have to look to the federal government and the US District Attorney Office. A federal grand jury should be convened which would provide indictments against the guilty parties taking constitutional residential property rights and causing harm to the citizens of Massachusetts through a Massachusetts state mandated green energy program http://www.fjc.gov/federal/courts.nsf/autoframe?OpenForm&nav=menu5a&page=/federal/courts.nsf/page/307?opendocument


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