Why fear-mongering about windmills is bad for our health

Why fear-mongering about windmills is bad for our health

Source: Environmental Defence, Canada 3/18/13

"Don’t believe the hype about windmills and health. As it turns out, listening to it just might make you sick.

If you’re told something is going to hurt, chances are it will. There’s a scientific term for this. The “nocebo effect” is what researchers call the phenomenon that If people are told something will cause pain or physical harm, they’re more likely to report feeling negative symptoms.

A new study out of Australia shows that the fear-mongering about the supposed health impacts of windmills is likely responsible for cases where people living near windmills report problems. The study looked at reported health effects from 49 wind farms since 1993."

Read the full article at -- http://environmentaldefence.ca/blog/why-fear-mongering-about-windmills-bad-our-health

NortheasternEE December 14, 2013 at 05:21 PM
When I was growing up I remember the cigarette adds designed to condition folks to believe that smoking was healthy. I remember billboards proclaiming smoking camels was good for you T zone (Mouth and Throat). Such conditioning led most of us to start and continue smoking in the face of coughing and scratching throats suspecting all along that smoking was bad, forbidding children from touching it. Wind turbines came in with similar hype. Few if any people believed they were bad. Most everyone welcomed them. We were all conditioned to love them. For people to turn against wind turbine impacts they must be feeling the effects quite severely. While people can be conditioned to be against something for no good reason, that is not what happened here. The 50 some odd families voicing complaints against the wind turbines were conditioned to love them. Nocebo works both was. for the people to turn against wind turbines, they first had to overcome the nocebo effect to love wind turbines. The Nocebo theory only proves that wind turbine impacts are far worse than we think!
Bill Carson December 14, 2013 at 05:53 PM
# 1 The majority of residents in Falmouth have to know by now that the so called "Friends of Falmouth Wind" is the Town of Falmouth and it's departments. The largest group is former and current Falmouth Energy Committee Members. The group has claimed they are concerned citizens worried about the use of fossil fuels and global warming and they remain anonymous because they fear retribution from the residents around the wind turbines .The exact opposite is true and anyone reading these blogs now knows the group is made of town officials and members of the CLC & CVEC in a long term effort to site up to 40 commercial wind turbines on Cape Cod. These people have been fooled and along with being fooled have fooled a majority of residents in Falmouth that commercial wind brings a revenue stream when in fact it brings debt on the taxpayers of Falmouth .I urge every Falmouth taxpayer to educate themselves and ask questions of your elected officials : Is this a good deal or did Falmouth get taken ?
Bill Carson December 14, 2013 at 06:17 PM
Monday night the Falmouth Select Board is meeting about the ongoing litigation on the wind turbines. They should be asking themselves at their executive meeting if they can be held responsible for continuing to break the law after being notified by the Mass DEP in May of 2012 that the turbines are out of noise compliance . Why knowing the town is breaking the law have members of the Select Board remained on the board and not resigned ? Is the town providing free family medical coverage or some type of incentive that keeps these members on the Select Board breaking the laws ? Do the Select Board member go to church or ask the creator for forgiveness for what they are doing to these people through their elected positions ? Good Lord ......


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