Wind Turbine News 12/8/2013

Falmouth ZBA Unanimously Decides Wind Turbines a Nuisance - Town Ordered to Eliminate It


Doctors' Statements Regarding Deterioration In Medical Condition and Appraisals showing Significant Property Value Loss Supported Board's Action


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FALMOUTH, MA - Falmouth Zoning Board of Appeals [ZBA] overturned the Falmouth Building Commissioner's denial of Nusiance Compliant by Barry and Diane Funfar citing deteriorating health and loss of property value.  The Town was ordered to eliminate the nuisance.


Submitted as testimony were four letters from of Veterans Administration doctors addressing Mr. Funfar's health degradation since the Falmouth Turbines became operational since March of 2010. 


Falmouth Town Counsel Frank Duffy suggested that the Falmouth Nusiance By-Law does not apply to people with pre-existing health conditions.  He cited PTSD and cancer as examples.


Mr. Duffy suggested to the Board that Mr. Funfar is not a "normal" person since he suffers from PTSD having served as a US Marine in Vietnam.



 Barry Funfar, Sergeant, USMC (now retired)


The Board Chairman Mathew McNamara pointed out that the Nusiance By-Law does not mention anything about normality.  He stated that "If pre-existing conditions excluded citizens from qualifying then, given a potentially long list of pre-existing conditions, the great majority of citizens would be ineligible to receive relief" from any nuisance complaint.


The Funfars' real estate appraisals comparing current value to pre-turbine 2008 showed a loss of $289,000 (-40%) in value of their Craggy Ridge home.   Additionally their home value has fallen $158,900 (-28%) below the Town's assessed value.


A local realtor testified that the Falmouth real estate market is good and that West Falmouth is a very desirable location.  She compared the North Hill development located in a similar position as Craggy Ridge between Routes 28 and 28A but not close to the wind turbines.  She stated that homes in North Hill are selling quickly at good prices but homes in the Craggy Ridge are "lingering", "hanging around" and "blemished". 


   Craggy Ridge


She told the ZBA that "people don't want to go up there" to look at homes for sale.

Bill Carson December 08, 2013 at 09:12 AM
Falmouth Massachusetts will have to stop systematic torture of local residents with turbines https://plus.google.com/110428618913389869063/posts/34A2ccmGuPZ
Blowin Smoke December 08, 2013 at 07:49 PM
Malcolm mentions that "a local realtor testified" about property values at the 12/5/13 ZBA hearing. He forgot to mention the realtor is the spouse of a current ZBA board member who was RECUSED because he has sued the town over wind turbines. Anyone smell a fish there? Property values in Falmouth, and across the globe, have shrunk as a result of the 2008 financial meltdown. Instead of relying on hearsay from the wife of a recused member of their own board, ZBA should've reviewed hard data from the assessor, and/or published research such as this report from August 2013... "Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) analyzed more than 50,000 home sales near 67 wind facilities in 27 counties across nine U.S. states, yet was unable to uncover any impacts to nearby home property values. “This is the second of two major studies we have conducted on this topic [the first was published in 2009 – see below], and in both studies [using two different datasets] we find no statistical evidence that operating wind turbines have had any measureable impact on home sales prices,” says Ben Hoen, the lead author of the new report." --- http://newscenter.lbl.gov/news-releases/2013/08/27/no-evidence-of-residential-property-value-impacts-near-u-s-wind-turbines-a-new-berkeley-lab-study-finds/
Bill Carson December 08, 2013 at 08:26 PM
Falmouth is facing some big issues. In 2005 two Vestas V 82 commercial wind turbines were being auctioned off in 2009 because no one wanted them. The two turbines were worth less than 5.2 million dollars yet today the Town of Falmouth owes 11.5 million on the two turbines. Something wrong here. Falmouth Town counsel Frank K. Duffy admits Barry Funfar suffered from the wind turbines Quote : "Town counsel Frank K. Duffy Jr. did not doubt that Mr. Funfar suffered". Aka the town council admitted doing harm to the residents. The same town council promised the Barnstable Superior Court he would shut the turbines down 12 hours a day and then reneged on the deal. WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD BUY A HOUSE NEAR THE TURBINES AFTER THE TOWN COUNCIL TOLD THE PUBLIC THEY HURT PEOPLE ? ARE YOU ON DRUGS ?


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