Wind Turbine Noise Impact Area

wind turbine impact area
wind turbine impact area

Falmouth’s Wind 1, 2 and NOTUS turbines as red pins. A recent sleep study recommended separation distance of nearly 4600-ft are shown as red circles.  Falmouth Board of Health’s health study (June 11, 2012) confirms the sleep study’s conclusion for complaints inside the red circles with yellow pins inside. See if you can find your home.


June 11, 2012 Falmouth Board of Health :

"Due to the increasing intensity of the reported health impacts, the Board is considering
emergency actions."

Bill Carson December 13, 2013 at 07:56 AM
For Falmouth Wind 1 there are 99 homes in the report .The addition of Falmouth Wind 2 and the Webb turbines adds 100 more homes The smoking gun of noise reports done for and by the semi quasi state agency section 6.1 page 38 of report designates the 99 homes by streets that have ” potential visual and noise impacts”. The ambiguous report left local politicians or home owners to believe trees, rolling hills and rte 28 would stop the noise. http://www.falmouthmass.us/energy/falmouth%20feasibility%20study_111505.pdf For Wind 1 alone a total of 99 residential properties are located within a half-mile radius of the turbine site. All of these properties lie to the west and south of the site. Sixty-one of the 68 properties are located on one of the following residential streets: Ridgeview Drive; Ambleside Drive; Westmoreland Drive; and Brantwood Road. Seven properties are located to the east of West Falmouth Highway. There are 31 properties to the south of the turbine site. A vast majority of these dwellings are located off of Blacksmith Shop Road, primarily on the south side of the road. A few dwellings are located off of Durham Road and Durfee Drive. The closest dwelling to the south
Blowin Smoke December 13, 2013 at 12:24 PM
Once again Bill Carson (aka Frank Haggerty) is the sole commenter on his own post.. Regarding noise, Mass DEP measured 5 sites for several nights, near Wind1 and found a slight exceedance at ONE home, only late at night. The loudest sound they found was 51 dB(a), comparable to a refrigerator. These are facts, don't take my word for it, read the DEP report at -- http://www.mass.gov/eea/docs/dep/energy/wind/final-falmouth-report-with-cover-letter-and-appendix.pdf -- Exaggeration and hysteria, carefully stirred by a tiny group of agitators such as Haggerty, have inflated this molehill into an imaginary mountain. It's unclear why Haggerty/Carson, a resident of Marion MA, has such a fanatical interest in Falmouth. (No doubt he will respond indirectly, with some mixture of biblical language, tales of WWII atrocities and predictions of gearbox failure). Going back to the FACTS for a moment, an expert review of the DEP data revealed that the wind itself caused much louder noises, while the turbines were OFF. See -- https://docs.google.com/file/d/0ByjfQs1P4lPadGxxaDA0SGtmZzA/edit?usp=sharing
Bill Carson December 13, 2013 at 12:49 PM
Falmouth residents need to understand not to be afraid of fear of injury, harm or retribution from the Town of Falmouth making noise complaints and identifying yourselves. Towns can make it difficult to get permits, zoning variances etc. if the town decides you are a so called "loud mouth." The Town of Falmouth and Friends of Falmouth Wind have been successful branding people who complain about wind turbine noise as having psychological disorders and a minority of residents that have to suffer health effects of the turbines for the false claim of revenue from the wind turbines . When the larger court action starts it's a good idea for all 200 residents living in the wind turbine zone to know exactly where they stand . It's understandable that if you live next door to a person who has filed a complaint that you would wait to see the outcome of court action and at the appropriate time identify yourselves . As I said before in the case of the Catholic Church we saw the church downplay the number of victims. Falmouth is going to go the same way .A possibility of up to 200 residential homes .At Town Meeting a member of Friends of Falmouth Wind (Kathy) said there was 170 homes that are involved in mitigation and they all need to be reviewed . The average assessment of these homes is $425,000.00. Three years of wind torture, legal expenses and moving expenses more money to force them out . At some point in time the courts will ask who all the members of the class of people who lost their health and property rights and the fair market rental value of their homes in the last three years


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