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Lisa Linowes- Industrial Wind Action Group
Lisa Linowes- Industrial Wind Action Group

Wind Setbacks: Safety First (unless you're a wind developer)

Lisa Linowes - July 1, 2014 Safety

After years of debate there is still disagreement and uncertainty regarding appropriate safety setback distances. This uncertainty has benefited the wind industry. Thousands of turbines are erected that are dangerously close to where people live.


After years of debate there is still disagreement and uncertainty regarding appropriate safety setback distances. This uncertainty has benefited the wind industry. Thousands of turbines are erected throughout the U.S. that are dangerously close to where people live.

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ifish02719 July 01, 2014 at 10:02 PM
Here's everything you need to know about Lisa Linowes: http://www.sourcewatch.org/index.php?title=Industrial_Wind_Action_Group Quote: "According to the Wisconsin Gazette, the group "routinely quotes as 'experts' affiliates of various front groups supported by Koch Industries, Charles Koch and the Koch family."
Frank Haggerty July 01, 2014 at 10:53 PM
This is one article that made some people hit the panic button. Time for the public to read some of the truth on this website : http://www.windaction.org/
mark cool July 03, 2014 at 07:23 AM
- The 2012 Wind Turbine Health Impact Study recommendation that more research be conducted in the category of health affect (e.g. Executive Summary 4.1.b Health Impacts of Noise and Vibration). - The MassDEP conclusion (from the Study) that information currently available was cause to revise the MDEPʼs noise regulations and policy to address wind turbine noise. - The MassDEP convened technical advisory group to explore revisions to its noise policies and permitting approaches for land-based Wind Turbines. - The Oct 2013 MassDPU Investigation into Best Practices for the Siting of Land-Based Wind Energy Facilities. In its totality, the message is that there is no clear, predictable and protective setback standard that ensures a turbine to be sited in an appropriate location. Without further study and a better understanding of health impact, the message to potential wind turbine host communities and those already having existing wind energy projects is that the MassDEP and MassDPH are not certain that current regulatory guidance, specific to wind turbines, can ensure the publicʼs protection. Where the scientific understanding of issues are incomplete, evidenced by the ongoing queries by state agencies, it’s clear that developers, “green” zealots and political agendas have been shown favoritism... at the expense of a small minority whose desire is only to be treated and protected equally. When greed, politics and fanatical climate change posturing replaces a citizen’s basic rights, it’s time to re- examine the core meaning of the 4th of July.
sue hobart July 05, 2014 at 06:57 PM
the same is being said on both sides of this debate. LETS just hire real medical doctors to do a long term study of real wind turbine neighbors and see what happens....Oh and lets make this a REAL MEDICAL study with doctors of MEDICINE, not psychologists and social scientists and lawyers. Then the discussion can begin. By the way whos smoke are you blowing ... NAME PLEASE.... How can someone who refuses to say his name question anyones credibility? Blowing Smoke up our skirts... but I guess if we knew your name we could follow the money right back to the eco rapists you work for.
Frank Haggerty July 05, 2014 at 09:09 PM
Masschusetts Governor Patrick has already sold his house in Milton. President Obama is going to offer him a job in the federal government and hide him from the wind turbine fall out that is coming. Believe me they all know the maintenance issues with the megawatt turbines installed since 2008. The Commissioner of the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection Ken Kimmell took off as soon as people found out he was a former partner of BCK who represents the CLC and the CVEC. The Massachusetts Probation trial is going into the ninth week and will involve a second trial if any one of the three defendants are found guilty. Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick has always taken the low road, infuriating citizens around commercial wind turbines. The news media lacks any backbone in Massachusetts. The Editors of all the major city newspapers are aware of the ties between Governor Patrick and Boston-based First Wind CEO Paul Gaynor . Governor Patrick has a terrible record with renewable energy. He even tells people that the 100 million dollar failure at Evergreen Energy wasn't a loss. The newspaper business claims they are going out of business. No one buys the paper because all they print is press releases from Governor Patricks office . If the news media told the truth they wouldn't have to worry about going out of business. It's time to tell the public the truth about the ongoing bunco scheme with the commercial wind turbine business


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