Wind Turbines ; 30 % Property Loss

Real Estate Loss Up To 30 Percent
Real Estate Loss Up To 30 Percent

Another Real Estate Value – Turbine Impact Report

Falmouth Massachusetts 30% Real Estate Loss On Wind Turbine Properties


 Dec 26, 2013 – Another Real Estate Value – Turbine Impact Report

Another Real Estate Value – Turbine Impact Report

Bill Carson December 27, 2013 at 01:33 PM
DO NOT BELIEVE THE URI REAL ESTATE STUDY ! Massachusetts and Rhode Island both have renewable energy goals set for the year 2020. Both the University of Massachusetts and the University of Rhode Island have come out heavily in favor of commercial wind turbine power. Both schools are state sponsored schools that only produce affirmative "puff " studies on commercial wind. Neither of these schools have ever produced a negative study on any kind of commercial wind turbines. The state colleges through various student departments does a study on for example "Real Estate and Wind Turbines." When all the information is gathered at the end of the study the authors of the study simply pull all the negative information out and build the report with only the positive information. The reason Falmouth is a victim of the wind turbines is a result of the state universities pumping out wind turbine siting studies that convinced Falmouth to build a wind turbine in the first place. If the Town of Falmouth makes a choice to use the URI, University of Rhode Island real estate study it needs to document the study and how it was built in favor of commercial wind
mark cool December 28, 2013 at 05:32 PM
What? No response from Bkowin Smoke?


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