Wind Turbines & Ku Klux Klan Analogy

KKK Interwoven In Government 1946
KKK Interwoven In Government 1946
  Wind Turbines & Ku Klux Klan Analogy   Massachusetts has thousands of abutters to commercial "megawatt" wind turbine projects. They all have have a common thread. The types of noise from the megawatt turbines keeps them awake at night,headaches, dizziness and general poor health. The State of Massachusetts refuses to enforce noise regulations.    Massachusetts has noise regulations as do local cities and towns that are being ignored by local and state officials because they are tied into the commercial wind turbine business. Many towns have purchased millions of dollars worth of megawatt turbines or gone into business and signed contracts with industrial megawatt wind contractors. In the past three years thousands of noise complaints a have been filed across Massachusetts and not one wind turbine victim has ever been examined by the state.   Massachusetts has a renewable energy goal of 2000 megawatts of renewable energy by the year 2020. Politicians ignore the pleas of help from the wind turbine victims who have filed certified noise complaints, provided oral and written testimony. The state and local governments treats the abutters as disposable citizens in their war on fossil fuel emissions.    Constitutional rights of residential home owners has been taken by cities and towns that are cash strapped for local resources. Residential properties could have been taken by Eminent Domain prior to wind turbine installations but in Massachusetts the projects went forward breaking noise laws taking away residential property rights through excessive noise and shadow flicker. Illegal taking by Police Action.   No one is listening to these citizens it's time to file civil action. There are laws to protect our citizens.   The KKK act of 1871 was passed because Ku Klux Klan members had become woven into the fabric of government. The government officials would not enforce laws and act to protect the rights of citizens. Today we see Massachusetts officials denying the rights of citizens not enforcing laws to protect the safety and health of citizens.   http://www.topix.com/forum/state/ma/T46PSK3U58DHAB38L
Bill Carson December 23, 2013 at 12:20 PM
I have been notified : "It is not helpful to our cause when you compare opponents to the KKK and/or any other extremist groups. One of our challenges is to convince legislators and others that we have a solid case for our opposition and not be portrayed (as our opponents are wont to do) as NIMBYs or just rabble rousers." The answer is it's been three years and the legislators are not listening to the cries for help. The state renewable energy agenda is more important than the health of the citizens ! Stop hurting the residents around the turbines for the sake of humanity
Marshall Rosenthal December 23, 2013 at 12:58 PM
I have been following the arguments aired on this site that either reject the efforts and exhortations of non-resident wind turbine activists vs. residents who are suffering harm as being the more legitimate speakers of their cause. I view this squabble with sadness. It reminds me of the White Citizen's Council's pointing its finger at the source of the unrest being the work of "outside agitators" during the Civil Rights struggle. The problem with this kind of thinking is that the issue of wind power incursions into normal life is an international one. Not only is this happening in Falmouth to a cluster of residents, IT IS HAPPENING EVERYWHERE THAT WIND POWER COLONIZATION IS TAKING PLACE. There is now copious evidence that is actionable in courts of law. Briefs can be prepared based on the deprivation of property owners of the enjoyment of the use of their property. Briefs can be prepared based on the pain and suffering, losses of health AND LIFE as a result of unwonted exposure to the toxic acoustic energy propagated by the megawatt machines. Briefs may be prepared that address the public fraudulent actions of developers, their sales/consultants, and the public officials that allow themselves to be captured by this powerful criminal enterprise. No single individual should believe that this is solely their problem to solve. They cannot. It is time, now, for attorneys to step up to the plate, organize class action suits that will address all of these egregious issues, and hit some home runs for a new class of human and civil rights victims. IT WILL ONLY BE AFTER THIS HAPPENS THAT THE WIND POWER BUBBLE CAN BE BURST, POLITICAL SANITY BE RESTORED, AND JUSTICE BE HAD.


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