Wind Turbines Hurt Political Careers

Former State Rep Matt Patrick Wind Turbine Advocate ?
Former State Rep Matt Patrick Wind Turbine Advocate ?

Wind Turbines Hurt Political Careers  

Voting in the Wind Energy Siting Reform Act,WESRA, would have ended city and town wind turbine bylaws in all the communities of Massachusetts. This was not a good idea for some Massachusetts State Representatives in 2010.

The wind energy bill would have allowed any size wind turbine anywhere in any town. The bill would not allow any local boards any say on the size and placement of wind turbines.  

Backing Cape Wind and accepting political contributions has also hurt many Massachusetts politicians.

Many residential and commercial electric rate customers could see their electric bills become the size of a second loan on their home.  

Since 2010 the Town of Falmouth has had to deal with two turbines creating two types of noise. The first noise in called regulatory measured in decibels with a meter. The second is called human annoyance. Aside from Massachusetts regulations, residences must also be taken into consideration. The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center in 2013 changed the setbacks to 2000 feet. The state agency placed wind turbines Ad Hoc in Falmouth prior to 2013.  

The Massachusetts Supreme Court has shut down the Falmouth turbines 12 hours a day because of the nuisance.  

Former Representative Matthew Patrick (D-Falmouth) was ousted at the polls by Republican David Vieira.   

One of the quotes from the 2010 election was: “I don’t believe that Mr. Patrick’s voice speaks for us any longer.”  

Former Representative Matthew Patrick (D-Falmouth) today July 1, 2014 kicks off his campaign to take over the vacant senate seat of retiring Senate President Theresa Murray .

Massachusetts Senate President Therese Murray says NO to re-election. Many believe the health & financial issues over commercial wind turbines contributed to the decision.

Massachusetts Senate President Therese Murray has in the past has publicly announced her opposition to the Wind Energy Siting Reform Act (WESRA).

How will Former Representative Matthew Patrick (D-Falmouth) resolve the commercial wind turbine catastrophe in Falmouth if elected to the Massachusetts Senate ?

What about the wind turbine victims ?


  Matt Patrick has been one of the most vigilant, locally focused legislators in Massachusetts," Walsh said. "Losing him is disappointing."

Patrick said his stance on wind turbines "hurt a little bit" but that people were misled on some aspects of the Cape Wind project and on the state's proposed wind energy siting bill, which he supported.

Barry Funfar, a Falmouth resident who lives near one of the town's turbines and has complained of health problems arising from it, said he chose to vote for Vieira because he visited Funfar's Ridgeview Drive neighborhood and "was sympathetic to the plight we're facing."

Marshall Rosenthal July 01, 2014 at 06:42 PM
More of same, BS? Over 1600 mink stillbirths at a mink farm overshadowed by a 3 MW wind turbine in Denmark, four reported fatal human cardiac arrests in Ontario, are just the tip of the misery iceberg of mega-watt wind turbine veterinary and medical abuse. Go pedal your pro-wind crud somewhere else.
Blowin Smoke July 01, 2014 at 07:46 PM
Mr. Rosenthal is concerned about Danish mink stillbirths.. It would be hard to invent a more bizarre or irrelevant anecdote. Most folks find climate change and energy/economic security to be more compelling.
Barry Funfar July 02, 2014 at 08:53 AM
The credibility of Blowin Smoke is ZERO. Anyone can shoot their mouth off whether they know the facts or simply believe the fiction of the wind industry along with its bedfellow politics. I have lived TOO CLOSE to Falmouth's WTs and know first hand the detriment these STRESS Generators have begotten. Other victim neighbors share similar observations. There have been hundreds of studies but NOT ONE has shown or proved that there are no adverse health effects. I hear and feel the Falmouth turbines in two different ways. One is the audible amplitude modulated noise that is heard through and above (at least seemingly louder) than any of the sourrounding ambient sounds. The birds singing, the leaves rustling, the kids playing in the pool next door are not unwanted sounds. But the WTs annoying continuance negates any possible concentration on any activities I may wish to pursue. For me relaxing reading or cooking or whatever on our decks is not possible, and being at one with my garden has been taken away. For me the second round of turbine interference with healthy living is the quaking shakiness, quivering in my chest I often experience even though there may be no audible output from the operating turbine. This I have also experienced inside my home. Blowin Smoke's saying "health impacts from wind turbines are unsubstantiated, unproven, and (if they exist at all) are probably psychogenic. In short, the problem is imaginary. These effects are based in anecdotes, fear mongering, pre-estiting conditions, and nocebo effects". His statement is pure garbage. After over four years of learning the hard way I have absolutely no doubt of the reality of the human damage wrought upon us by these mammoth mechanical generators. Also, I do not appreciate anyone such as "Blowin Smoke" who hides behind a mask. At least he chose a fitting moniker for himself.
Charles Ochs July 02, 2014 at 02:57 PM
Good grief--MOVE, already!
Barry Funfar July 04, 2014 at 09:40 PM
Moving is not an option. The Falmouth turbines will eventually be halted. At least my grandchildren may reclaim a quiet place.


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