Wind Turbines Property Cost 200 Million

Wind Turbines Property Cost Projection 200 Million   If the town has to deal with all 200 residential homes, legal expenses, moving expenses, compensation for the last three years what is the least and worst case scenario ? My bet is dragged out through the courts for the next five to eight years the top would be 200 million.   Based on a formula of 34 homes around the wind turbines the town is looking at 15 million plus expenses. There are 200 homes in the area of all three wind turbines.  One Town Meeting Member (Kathy) said there were 170 homes.   The town needs to hold a meeting in one room with everyone in the room. The voters need to be told the truth from the Select Board to the public.   Just 34 home formula : Actual page 21
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The WTOP also discussed the estimated cost to the Town for each property purchased.

The Town’s Director of Assessing has indicated that within a ½ mile radius of the two turbines the
average residential property assessment is $433,600, and the average assessed value of the 34
Complainants’ homes is $414,000.

If the Town decides to run the turbines without curtailment and purchase homes, the Town will need to estimate the costs.

Cost to buy all 34 homes 14,760,000.00

This does not include the number of months it will take to sell the home, the cost to
maintain the home per year, the finance cost, and the transactions cost, as well as the likely value
reduction due to the need for an expeditious sale, rather than waiting for the best price.

The WTOP failed to include the protracted legal fees over a period of years. The United States Constitution and the Massachusetts State Constitution both require that for an exercise of the power of eminent domain to be valid, it must be for a public purpose. In general, the taking authority satisfies the public purpose requirement when the project for which the taking is made will protect or promote the public health, welfare or safety.


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