Wind Victims Denied "Due Process"

The recent actions by the Massachusetts Supreme Court and Falmouth ZBA draw lessons from the poor placement of commercial megawatt turbines and seek to strengthen the protection of minorities and the responsibilities of civil society today.   Nearly 200 residential homes are effected in Falmouth. Massachusetts state officials over the years slowly enacted policies like the "Green Communities Act." These legal and strict administrative preparations allowed the Town of Falmouth to throw wind turbine abutters under the bus. The residents over a ten year period have been educated by the state that their town "Falmouth" has to sacrifice a minority of their residents against the giant war on fossil fuels.   Falmouth residents have made no secret of their hatred for the wind turbine victims calling them liars even doctors living in Falmouth signed letters and publicized the letter.   Falmouth political leaders as well as ordinary people have attacked the wind turbine victims.To understand how this happened in Falmouth is not a challenge. We have all read history books. Falmouth can be  described as a town with a clear absence of a civil society.
Governor Patrick wants to enforce his renewable energy goal of 2000 megawatts of renewable energy by the year 2020 at any cost. The cost is the taking of residential property and health of thousands of families without "Due Process."   Due process is the administration of justice and acts as a safeguard from arbitrary denial of life, liberty, or property by the Government outside the sanction of law. Welcome to Falmouth, Massachusetts
NortheasternEE December 06, 2013 at 03:32 PM
Wind industry propaganda has convinced environmentalists, political leaders and the public that renewable energy is necessary to combat Global Warming. This is not true. - Wind and solar energy is not a replacement for fossil fuel. It’s an add-on. The addition of wind energy into our system of power generation only serves to decrease the efficiency of our fossil fuel power plants to the point where little or no fuel is saved. - Wind needs the firming support from fossil fuel on the grid. As a result, cost will skyrocket and coal will be shipped to China, India, and elsewhere, where it will be burned without scrubbers increasing pollution worldwide. We will become solely dependent on natural gas for heat and electricity (So much for diversifying the fuel supply). Currently there is no way to avoid natural gas. - The Chinese will use our cheap coal to make wind turbines and solar panels, using “slave” labor. These will be exported to us so we can satisfy the artificial market created by the many mandates like the Massachusetts Green Communities Act for renewable energy. - China wins. We lose! - We need to the governor and the legislature to STOP!


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