Fight at Boathouse Prompts Gun Arrests

Two men were arrested early Sunday for allegedly carrying firearms near the scene of a fight at the Boathouse Restaurant.

Two Mashpee men were arrested and taken into police custody early Sunday morning for allegedly brandishing firearms near the scene of a fight at the . 

It was just after midnight early Sunday morning when police received a call that a fight was about to break out at the , along with another tip that one of the men at the Boathouse had a gun.

According to a police press release, Michael Fields, 25, of Mashpee was arrested after he allegedly raised the firearm over his head and tried to flee. He was apprehended after a foot pursuit, and the weapon was recovered.  

Witnesses also reported a second man with a firearm; the weapon was eventually found under a vehicle near the restaurant. The man was later identified as David Landry of Mashpee.

Patch will provide more details later today. 

Janice Perry July 05, 2011 at 08:24 PM
Falmouth is becoming just like the rest of the country, never use to be like this, let's get rid of the riff raff!!!!
lily July 06, 2011 at 02:57 PM
i agree with Janice, Falmouth is becoming criminalville, shame on the falmouth pd for not doing a better job in removing these idiots from our town. My son was at the boathouse that night, he could of been killed.
oldandproud July 06, 2011 at 11:06 PM
Shame on the falmouth pd???? What are you talking about. Falmouth PD is constantly making arrests in "criminalville". People in this town have had blinders on for a long time. There is a huge drug problem which opens the flood gates to several other types of crimes. The FPD took two guns of the street the other night and prevented a possible tragedy. Instead of putting them down, how about you give them a big THANK YOU!!!
king ding a ling July 12, 2011 at 05:29 PM
We are talking about young adults, in a drinking environment, that hip-hop music that supports violence and drugs was being played... This was an obvious issue that an impared, deaf, blind and blind person could have predicted. Personally, the heinous level of this incident is extremely low. Much like if you slapped a horse in the ass and got kicked in the face. Simply what young KIDS do impared, and in an environment such as that... The town should set up more events like this. It would sure as hell make it easier for Falmouth PD to round up these people, because we all know there investigative abilities only go as far as google and stool pigeons. I vote to keep the events coming!!!!!


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