Hingham Police Investigate Suspicious Activity in Movie Theater

Homeless man enters movie theater with duffle bag, sits in on a couple of movies and leaves.

Editor's note: The following is from a press release from the Hingham Police Department.

A man carrying a large duffle bag into the The Patriot Cinema in Hingham on Thursday near 5:30pm caused concern for some movie goers.

The patrons said the man was seated in the second row of the theater and placed the duffle bag on the floor beside him.

Hingham police immediately searched the theater but could not find the man, who had also entered two additional screening rooms with his duffle bag.

A later report to officers indicated a man carrying a large duffle bag entered a nearby restaurant in the Shipyard around 3:30pm and used the restroom.

The man was described as white, possibly in his 40’s, shorter hair, wearing a dark colored winter jacket carrying a large black duffle bag. As a precaution an officer was posted at the theater for the remainder of the evening.

At 10:41pm the staff at a nearby restaurant in the Shipyard called police to report the male had entered the restaurant. Officers met the man, who admitted to having entered the theaters, and determined he was a 44-year-old homeless man previously from Roxbury. He was examined by paramedics and ultimately transported to the hospital.

The Hingham Police take all reports of suspicious activity serious; however, there is nothing to indicate that this man intended any violence to the patrons.


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