Pilgrim Nuclear Task Force: Cape 'Inadequately Prepared'

Members of a task force on Pilgrim Nuclear recently reviewed a survey of Cape residents regarding a radioactive release.

Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station. Credit: Patch file photo
Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station. Credit: Patch file photo
By Adam Roberts

While residents within a 10-mile radius of Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station fall within an emergency planning zone, a recent study reveals residents outside the zone are unsure of their community's plan in the case of a nuclear release.

The survey also indicates half of Cape Cod residents would leave Cape Cod, causing traffic backups on the bridges and on roads used by residents closer to the emergency radius, according to capecodonline.com.

At Monday's meeting of the Barnstable County Regional Emergency Planning Committee's task force on Pilgrim, Truro Police Chief Kyle Takakjian said Cape Cod residents and public safety officials are, "woefully and inadequately prepared."

Read the full story at capecodonline.com.
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