Town of Falmouth Appoints Interim Police Chief

Captain Edward Dunne will lead the Falmouth Police Department, taking over for retiring Chief Anthony Riello.

Falmouth Selectmen approved Dunne's appointment Monday, according to the Cape Cod Times. The move is just in time; Chief Anthony Riello retires next week.

Dunne joined the Falmouth Police Department in 1981 as a summer police officer and was promoted to captain in 2008.

The town will launch a search for a permanent chief early next year. Dunne told the Cape Cod Times he plans to apply for the position.

John Q. Public November 21, 2012 at 01:22 AM
He's a patsy for the patrolmen and his old boy network and couldn't care less about the town. How about the letter written by Detective Bob Murray? Of course he likes Dunne. Murray made $160,000.00 as a patrolman! What is his base pay? $60,000? You think there's a problem there that he made $100,000.00 in overtime? Are you serious? And check this out, guess who supervised Murray? You guessed it, Captain Dunne! Shocking! No wonder Murry and his boys support him. The fox is guarding the hen house! Let's hope our town leadership REALLY looks for a new chief and brings in some real talent, leadership and fiscal discipline. I'm skeptical but optimistic. If not, I can always vote my conscience!


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