Grossman Strongly Considering Bid for Governor

Newton resident and State Treasurer Steve Grossman told WCVB's "On the Record" that he is "leaning strongly" toward running for governor.

Although Steve Grossman has already acknowledged a possible run for governor in 2014, the Newton resident and state treasurer is now saying that he is "leaning strongly" toward a gubernatorial bid.

As reported by State House New Service, Grossman told WCVB's "On the Record" that he has not made a final decision on whether to run for governor, but that he is "leaning strongly in that direction" [to run].

The "On the Record" episode with Grossman aired Sunday, January 6. 

Grossman, a Democrat, told WCVB that being governor is "a role I'm very comfortable playing."

Grossman also ran for governor in 2002. He was first elected state treasurer in 2010.

At this time, Lt. Gov. Tim Murray is the only other potential candidate who has expressed interest in the seat, which will be vacated next year by Gov. Deval Patrick. Murray stated at the 2012 Democratic National Convention that it was something he would "consider and look at seriously."

For more information, check out the full State House News Service story on WGBH

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David Moriarty January 08, 2013 at 11:21 PM
Well if he wants to get any votes out of Falmouth he better tell the current gov to get rid of the windturbines before they get rid of him. I don't believe any inteligent voters will want to continue with this fiasco.
Bill Carson January 09, 2013 at 12:33 AM
Gov Patrick wanted 2000 megawatts of renewable energy by 2020. The state semi quasi agencies sent towns fake one sided reports Political favors were done appointing people to 6 figure jobs at the semi quasi agencies Millions have been spent on a failed project of placing megawatt turbines in back yards NIMBY now means next it may be you . Politicians took campaign contributions from wind turbine contractors and now they are on the hook Many of Gov Patricks administration and people from the semi quasi state agences are today working for wind turbine contractors One of the largest law firms in Boston if not the country that does a lot of work for the Democratic Party is the driving legal force behind the permitting. One of the largest environmental groups based in Boston helped write and define the Model Wind Turbine Siting Rules Almost every state agency and politician five years ago said this was a good idea .If they don't stop the turbines they need to be held responsible ! Commercial megawatt turbines in residential areas is torture in the United States. The commercial wind turbine noise is documented cases of torture right here in Massachusetts. The residents living around the Falmouth turbines are detainees !


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