Murray Defeats Keyes

Therese Murray defeats Tom Keyes for the Plymouth and Barnstable District in the Massachusetts state Senate.

Therese Murray got to celebrate her victory early Tuesday as she handily defeated Republican challenger Tom Keyes of Sandwich.

Murray was very pleased with the win, her second over Keyes. She credited social media with helping her campaign.

"It's not that I was out there, it's just we told people where I was...Obviously they responded."

Keyes was disappointed, but seemed relieved as well that the campaign was over. "I'm going back to being a dad," he said.

Here are the results according to the Associated Press as of 11:45 p.m. Tuesday:

City or town Precincts
reporting Thomas
Bourne 7 of 7 4,349 5,375 Falmouth 9 of 9 7,180 11,303 Kingston 1 of 4 648 940 Pembroke 5 of 5 4,359 5,042 Plymouth 15 of 15 10,557 18,350 Sandwich 6 of 6 6,190 5,836 Total 43 of 46 33,283 46,846


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