FHS Musician of the Month: Kate Forrester

Falmouth High School Band Director Steven Edwards selected Kate for the Musician of the Month honor.

The daughter of Janice and Ned Forrester, Kate Forrester is in her senior year at , where she has played clarinet in the wind ensemble for three years and in the symphony band for one year. She also played violin in the chamber ensemble for two years.

Kate explains that she chose the clarinet in the fourth grade because of its warm, liquid sound. Later, she chose the violin because it is such an expressive instrument and "because composers have written so much fantastic music for it.  There is an enormous repertoire that covers many different styles.” 

From the first to sixth grade, Kate played the recorder and realized how much fun she could have by playing music. Her parents were supportive and encouraged her interest.

Falmouth High School Band Director Steven Edwards selected Kate for the Musician of the Month honor.

When asked whether she enjoyed performing, Kate explains that her "favorite way to perform is with a small ensemble that doesn’t need a conductor. Being able to breathe and move musically with other people is a special feeling. I also like only having one or two people on a part—the ensemble members are more connected with each other and it’s more personal than a large group.” 

Kate's favorite part of performing is just after the first few notes are out of the way and she can settle into the music and have fun. The nerves come beforehand, she says, and the music comes after. She also enjoys playing solo violin literature because there is more room for personal interpretation, but admits that it is difficult for her to play alone for an audience. It is an area for improvement for her personal goals.

In addition to spending eight to ten hours per week on her music (depending on her schedule), Kate participates in varsity sailing in the spring, martial arts year-round, Model United Nations, the math team, and other activities. She has taken private violin lessons for the past six years and participates in several music activities outside of school as time allows. 

With graduation looming in a few months, Kate says she would like to pursue a major in international affairs or political science, and she expects that there will be opportunities for music performance in college as well.

The friendships Kate has gained through her band family have been great. “We have all bonded through music, and those friendships transfer into our playing,” she says. Kate also hopes that in the long term, future classes will have enough string players to have an orchestra in addition to a chamber ensemble.

Falmouth is fortunate to have a young woman of Kate Forrester’s talents and energy to represent her parents and her music teachers as she looks forward to the future.


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