New Cape Cod Summer Camp Combines Music, Yoga

A new weeklong summer camp on Cape Cod offers kids an opportunity to be creative and shed stress.


Alicia Mathewson of Sounding Still Wellness is hosting two weeklong day camps this summer, one in July and one in August.

Mathewson said she designed the camps to give kids an opportunity to be themselves with no pressure.

“So often in our culture right now, kids are being tested and put in positions of competition or achievement. Though they may be "succeeding" in grades or athletics they are dealing with anxiety or depression or general fear of belonging. I wanted to create a space where we could all feel safe to be ourselves and let them discover and express all parts of themselves in an empowering and creative way,” Mathewson said.

Mathewson, a private music teacher, is working with Yoga instructor Kristen O’Toole to put on the camps.

“Kristen O'Toole has been teaching yoga all over the Cape to lots of kids and it felt like a perfect match to bring our work and practices together,” Mathewson said.
The camp itself is for kids ages 9-12 and will run Mon, Wed and Fri afternoons from 1-3. There are 3 different weekly sessions each with a different theme.

The first week begins July 8 and is called BE A SUPERHERO! Kids will be invited to explore what kind of superhero power they would like and how they might express that in yoga, music and creative expression. A focus will be to discover what makes kids feel strong, empowered and flexible.

Week 2 begins July 29 and is called BE PEACE! Kids will discover how to use breath, singing and creative expression to relax when difficult emotions arise and also how to use voice and actions in service of peace in our families and communities.

The final week begins Aug and is BE SILLY AND SERVE! In this week, kids will remember not to take anything too seriously and explore how play, yoga and music can be of service to others. “The goal is to help kids understand that if something is happening in our school, family or community that doesn't feel right, we can use certain practices and tools to make changes within,” Mathewson said.

For Mathewson the camps are about helping kids to learn to listen to their inner voice and help them become happy and successful.

“The ultimate goal is self-empowerment, confidence, and awareness of how they might be best in service to the world around them,” Mathewson said.

The camps will held in Sandwich at Meryl's Music and Art Center at 152 Rte. 6A.

Kids can sign up for 1, 2, or all 3 weeks.

Prices and more info can be found online.

You can call 646-345-5484 or email soundingstill@gmail.com to register for the camps.


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